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Table 2 Patient Demographic Details

From: The experience of palliative patients and their families of a family meeting utilised as an instrument for spiritual and psychosocial care: A qualitative study

Age Gender Diagnosis Religion Place of Care
60 M Liver cancer Christian/Lutheran Home
61 F Cervical cancer Christian Home
76 M Muscular Dystrophy Christian/Congregational Home
59 F Wide spread cancer Christian Home
63 M Pancreatic cancer Christian Home
76 F Wide spread cancer Christian Hospice
60 F Brain tumour none Hospice
59 F Cancer (lung & bone metastases. none Hospice
82 F Intra-peritoneal cancer Christian Hospice
73 M Prostate cancer Christian/Lutheran Hospital
82 F Breast cancer Christian/Uniting Church Home
73 M Multiple Myeloma none Home