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Table 7 Roles and responsibilities of additional staff to provide choice of end-of-life care at home

From: Evidence-based planning and costing palliative care services for children: novel multi-method epidemiological and economic exemplar

Whole time equivalent (WTE) Role and responsibility
5.5 WTE Children’s community nurses, trained in palliative care (assuming 1 week of 24/7 end of life care at home)
1.0 WTE Children’s specialist palliative care nurse to provide on call support to the children’s community nurses
0.2 WTE Medical Equipment Technician, responsible for equipment safety and calibration;
0.5 WTE Clinical Psychologist to provide psychological help for families of children with palliative care needs
0.1 WTE IT Support Specialist to develop and maintain the database of children who require on-going and end of life palliative care at home
0.5 WTE Administrator to manage database and organise appointments and consultations for children who on-going and end of life palliative care at home; and to organise inventories of equipment
24/7 Telephone nurse consultation provided by children’s community nurses and paediatric palliative care nurses
  Travel costs (estimated from the literature)