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Table 5 Recommended doses and dose ranges for levomepromazine in nausea and vomiting

From: Evidence for the use of Levomepromazine for symptom control in the palliative care setting: a systematic review

Author Year Study design Mean dose (mg/24 h) Dose range (mg/24 h) Findings
Molassiotis [47] 2010 survey study no data no data second or third line for refractory chemotherapy-related nausea and vomiting
Stephenson [48] 2006 non-comparative prospective study no data 6.25–25 first line in indeterminate pathophysiological causes and second line for all other causes of nausea and vomiting
Eisenchlas [13] 2005 open-label prospective study 6.25 3.12- 25 second line
Amesbury [49] 2004 case report no data 12.5 -25 first line indication: 5HT2 antagonist property of levomepromazine is used because large amounts of circulating 5-HT are present in carcinoid syndrome
Kennett [50] 2004 quasi experimental prospective study no data 6.25-25 second line or for indeterminate pathophysiological causes
Higi [51] 1980 prospective study no data 16-30 second line in chemotherapy induced nausea
Davis [23] 2010 SR nox data no data based on [13, 49, 50]
Glare [52] 2004 SR no data no data based on one study [55] (not available)