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Table 2 Overall ranking and domain scores

From: Family members’ perceptions of end-of-life care across diverse locations of care

Overall ranking scale (on a scale from 1–10)
Question: In the last two days of care, how well did the doctors, nurses and other professional staff… Average
Provide medical care that respected his/her wishes? 8.2
Make sure that [patient] died with dignity – that is died on her/his own terms? 8.2
Make sure [patient’s] symptoms were controlled to a degree acceptable to her/him? 8
Communicate with patient and family about the illness and likely outcomes of care? 7.3
Provide emotional support for you and [patient’s] family and friends? 6.8
What number would you give the overall care that [patient] received in the last two days of life? 7.7
Scale score 7.7
Comparison of Domain Scores (range: 0 to 1)
Advance care planning 0.10
Coordination 0.16
Focus on individual 0.271
Informing & decision making 0.301
Attend to family 0.511
  1. 1 An overall mean problem score or domain score greater than 0.20 is indicative of an important opportunity to improve the quality of care.