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Table 1 Summary of the key literature on public awareness of palliative care

From: Public awareness and attitudes toward palliative care in Northern Ireland

Author and year Location Sample Method Awareness level
MacLeod et al. [24] New Zealand sampling matrix of 1011 adult subjects Online survey Findings revealed good understanding of the concept of palliative care, with 85% believing that palliative care staff provide comfort to people with terminal illness
Hirai et al. [4] Japan 3984 Cross sectional anonymous questionnaire Sixty-three per cent admitted no knowledge about palliative care
Benini et al. [25] Italy Random sample of 1897 adult subjects Interviews More than 40% had never heard of palliative care with only 23% declared having an adequate or precise idea of what PC is.
Australian Government Department of Health & Ageing [26] Australia Stratified sample of 1201 adult subjects Mixed methods which included a telephone survey Australians had a low to moderate knowledge and understanding of palliative care - 38% could explain palliative care to another, 33% only know a little, 13% have heard the term and 16% were not aware.
Claxton-Oldfield et al. [6] Canada Random sample 89 adult subjects Face to face survey Seventy-five per cent had heard of palliative care, however, only about half of these (48%) defined it as care for terminally ill or dying persons.
Wallace [16] Scotland Random sample 668 adult subjects Telephone survey Most reported some knowledge of palliative care (49%), with under a third reporting no knowledge.