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Table 1 ACT/RCPCH Categories[6]

From: Paediatric palliative care: development and pilot study of a ‘Directory’ of life-limiting conditions

Category Key characteristic Description Examples
I Potential for cure - life is threatened, not necessarily limited. Conditions for which treatment may be feasible but can fail Cancer
Some cardiac anomalies
II Period of normality despite having fatal diagnosis. Conditions where premature death is inevitable but where there may be long periods of participation in normal activities Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy
III Relentless deterioration from, or before, time of diagnosis. Progressive conditions without curative treatment options, where treatment is exclusively palliative and commonly extends over many years Metabolic or neurodegenerative conditions
IV Unpredictable course whose progression is not easily judged from natural history. Irreversible but non-progressive conditions causing likelihood of premature death through complications Severe cerebral palsy
Traumatic brain injury
    Septic brain injury