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Table 3 Top eleven diagnoses accounting for three or more deaths among neonates

From: Paediatric palliative care: development and pilot study of a ‘Directory’ of life-limiting conditions

Number of deaths Diagnosis ICD10 code
60 Birth asphyxia, unspecified P21.9
19 Hypoplasia and dysplasia of lung Q33.6
16 Necrotising enterocolitis of fetus and newborn P77
16 Congenital diaphragmatic hernia Q79.0
10 Edwards’ syndrome, unspecified Q91.3
8 Congenital malformation of heart, unspecified Q24.9
7 Persistent fetal circulation P29.3
4 Congenital renal failure P96.0
4 Hypoplastic left heart syndrome Q23.4
3 Severe birth asphyxia P21.0
3 Patau’s syndrome, unspecified Q91.7
  1. These are causes of death describable by one of more of the ACT/RCPCH categories and therefore considered ‘life-limiting’ conditions. In total, there were 169 deaths from 24 diagnoses.