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Table 4 Repeated ER: description of the patients

From: Death wishes and explicit requests for euthanasia in a palliative care hospital: an analysis of patients files

Patient 1 2 3 4 5 6
Sex Female Male Male Male Female Female
Age 49 69 85 83 95 84
Disease Metastatic breast cancer SLA with ventilation Metastatic prostate cancer Metastatic prostate cancer Metastatic uterine cancer Pleural cancer
Duration of stay (days) 62 21 33 7 15 45
Request for euthanasia (ER) before admission Yes No No Yes No Yes
Time from admission to first ER (days) 0 14 8 0 2 10
Number of times ER repeated 3 3 5 6 4 6
Time from ER to death (days) 59 5 11 1 5 15
Symptoms Pain, depression Dyspnea, respiratory distress Uncontrolled pain Diarrhea: complication of irradiation of the small intestine Major anxiety Dyspnea, anxiety
Family environment Separated, one son and one sister Married, 3 children Widower, son and stepdaughter, grandchildren Married Widow, one son, grandchildren Widow,son, former daughter-in-law
Multidisciplinary management Art therapy psychologist psychomotricity physiotherapy hospital visitors Psychomotricity speech therapy physiotherapy Psychologist physiotherapy Refused Hospital visitors Psychomotricity volunteers
social worker refusal to see a psychologist
Sedation Not discussed Intermittent sedation until death Sedation for a symptom that remained refractory until death Nocturnal anxiolytics Anxiolytics Anxiolytics, refusal of nocturnal sedation.