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Table 1 Resident encounters: Patient characteristics

From: Would you be surprised if this patient died?: Preliminary exploration of first and second year residents' approach to care decisions in critically ill patients

Encounter (n = 8) Resident Identifier (n = 7) Patient ID Patient Age Patient Diagnoses Mechanical Ventilation Patient Time in ICU Other Surprised if Patient Died?
I A 1 70 Respiratory Failure, Emphysema, Acute Renal Failure Yes 3 Days ___ Yes
II B 2 68 Respiratory Failure, (?) Hypersensitivity Pneumonitis Yes 3 Weeks Unclear Diagnosis No
III C 2 68 Respiratory Failure, (?) Hypersensitivity Pneumonitis Yes 5 Weeks Unclear Diagnosis No
IV D 3 38 Fulminate Hepatic Failure, Acetaminophen Toxicity, Coma Yes 1 Week ___ No
V E 4 58 Respiratory failure, Purulent Pericarditis, Sepsis Yes 2 Weeks Pre-Operative No
VI F 5 37 Fulminate Hepatic Failure (Unknown aetiology) No 4 Days Transplant List Yes
VII G 6 71 Congestive Heart Failure, Dilated Cardiomyopathy No 4 Weeks Transplant List Yes
VIII E 4 58 Respiratory Failure, Purulent Pericarditis, Sepsis Yes 3 Weeks Post-Operative Yes