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Table 2 Participant priorities for improving care

From: Can a "good death" be made better?: A preliminary evaluation of a patient-centred quality improvement strategy for severely ill in-patients

Issue Frequency
Alleviate Symptoms 34
Pain 9
Shortness of breath 7
Thirst 3
Other symptoms (gastrointestinal, cough, agitation oversedation, headache, feeling cold, dry skin, itching) 15
Reduce Delays 28
Delays in daily bedside care 9
Delays in diagnosis or treatment 8
Delay in transfer from emergency room to ward 6
Delays in discharge to home 5
Improve Daily Care 29
Assist with activities of daily living 9
Improve hospital environment 6
Arrange help at home 4
Personalize medical treatment 3
Improve food 3
Ensure staff are aware of special care needs 2
Coordinate timing of diagnostic tests 1
Obtain palliative care consultation 1
Better Access to MDs/Medical information 11
Improve Therapeutic Alliance 10
Identify responsible physician 3
Avoid unprofessional behaviors and comments 3
Reduce changes in nursing staff 2
Avoid repetitive questioning 1
Apologize for medical error 1
Address Emotions 9
Fear of abandonment 7
Loneliness 2
Discuss Life Sustaining Treatments 8
Further discussions 5
Prior discussion should have been done differently 3
Provide Personal Support 3
Write letter so family can visit from outside country 1
Wants to see chaplain 1
Want someone to speak to my loved one in their native language about their medical condition 1