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Table 1 Pharmacotherapy Interventions

From: Bereavement care interventions: a systematic review

Medication Pop CG RA Num* TSL (days) Dose DT (days) Key Outcome Measures Article
Nortriptyline Senior Y Y-NE 80/66 216–279 Steady-state plasma level: 50–120 ng/mL 112 Depression (HAM-D); Grief (TRIG) Reynolds, Miller, et al, 1999**
  Senior Y Y-NE 27/27 210 (mean) Steady-state plasma level: 79.9+/-28.3 ng/mL
Daily dose: 70.8+/-22.2 mg
<180 Sleep (PSQI); Depression (HAM-D, BDI) Taylor, Reynolds, et al, 1999
  Senior Y NR 30/24 276 Steady-state plasma level: 72.7 ng/mL
Daily dose: 53.0 mg
112 Sleep (PSQI) Pasternak, Reynolds, et al, 1994
  Senior N NA 13/13 150–750 Daily dose: 49.2 mg 9–184 Depression (HAM-D, BDI, BSI); Grief (TRIG, JGI); Sleep (PSQI) Pasternak, Reynolds, et al, 1991
Nortriptyline and Paroxetine Adult N NA 21/15 183–4158 PT Daily dose: 20–50 mg
NT Daily dose: 50–160 mg
120 Depression (HAM-D); Grief (ICG); Sleep (PSQI) Zygmont, Prigerson, et al, 1998
Desipramine Adult N NA 10/9 NR Daily dose: 75–150 mg 28 Depression (HDRS, CGI, Raskin DS); Grief (Separation Distress) Jacobs, Nelson, et al, 1987
Bupropion Adult N NA 22/14 42–56 Daily dose: 150–300 mg 56 Grief (TRIG, ICG); Depression (HAM-D) Zisook, Schuchter, et al, 2001
Diazepam Senior Y Y 35/30 <14 2 mg/pill, self-administered <42 Bereavement (BPQ) Warner, Metcalfe, et al, 2001
  1. Notes: * All Ns are reported as (starting population of bereaved individuals/bereaved population completing all follow-ups), unless only study included only one assessment. ** Study also included psychotherapy condition. Legend: Pop, Target Population; CG, Control Group; RA, Random Assignment; Num, Number of subjects; TSL, Time Since Loss; DT, Duration of Trial; NA, Not Applicable; NR, Not Reported; UC, Unclear; Y, Yes; N, No; Y-NE, Randomization mentioned, but allocation method not explicitly stated; RS, Randomization Subverted.