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Table 4 Systems-Oriented Interventions

From: Bereavement care interventions: a systematic review

Intervention Pop CG RA Num Time of Evaluation Key Outcome Measures Article
Care Coordination Relative of cancer death Y Y 94 365 days pre-death
56 days post-death
Anxiety (HADA, Leeds Depression and Anxiety Scale); Depression (HADD, Leeds Depression and Anxiety Scale); Social Support (Family Apgar Scale) Addington, MacDonald, et al, 1992
Emergency Room Relative of Emergency Room Death Y N 100/66 180–365 days post-death Changes in satisfaction of care, information received (author-created questionnaire) Adamowski, Dickinson, et al, 1993
Hospice Care Relative of cancer death Y Y-NE 96 42 days post-death
540 days post-death
Depression (CES-D); Anxiety (Rand Health Insurance Study); General Health (Rand Health Insurance Study); Social Functioning Kane, Klein, et al, 1986
Palliative Care Relative of cancer death Y Y 183 60–270 days pre-death
390 days post-death
Grief (TRIG2) Ringdal, Jordhoy, et al, 2001
  Relative of cancer death Y NR 119/49 0–60 days post-death Anxiety, Depression, Mental Exhaustion ("observations and ratings") Haggmark & Theorell, 1988
  Relative of cancer death Y N 49/37 365 days post-death Health, Anger, Mental State, Depression (Holland & Segroi's instrument) Haggmark, Bachner, & Theorell, 1991
Witnessed Resuscitation Relative of unsuccessful resuscitation Y Y 18 30 days post-death 90 days post-death Grief (TRIG1, TRIG2); Avoidance/Intrusion (IESA, IESI); Depression (BDI, HADD); Anxiety (HADA, BAI) Robinson, Makenzie-Ross, et al, 1998
  1. Legend: Pop, Target Population; CG, Control Group; RA, Random Assignment; Num, Number of subjects; NR, Not Reported; Y, Yes; N, No; Y-NE Randomization mentioned, but allocation method not explicitly stated.