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Table 2 Questionnaires used in the trial. For a full review of measures see [28]

From: Study protocol: delayed intervention randomised controlled trial within the Medical Research Council (MRC) Framework to assess the effectiveness of a new palliative care service

Patient questionnaires
Administered once only
AMTS (Abbreviated Mental Test Score)
   - 10 simple questions used to assess cognitive function
• Structured interview of basic demographic and clinical information
Administered twice (first and last interview)
UNDS (United Kingdom Neurological Disability Scale) [18]
   - 12 sections designed to assess disability in people with MS
EDSS (Expanded Disability Status Scale) [27]
   - 10-point rating scale used to identify level of MS disability
Administered at every interview
MSIS (Multiple Sclerosis Impact Scale) [31, 32]
   - 29 questions on a variety of MS-related symptoms on a 1–5 scale
POS (Palliative Care Outcome Scale) [29, 30] + POS-MS symptoms
   - 10 items on anxiety, patient and carer concerns, practical needs
   - 18 questions specifically relating to MS symptoms on a 0–4 scale
Structured health/social services/demographic interview
   - Record of frequency and types of heath/social services received
   - Assessment of hospital care if received
Carer/family questionnaires (administered at every interview)
CBurden (Zarit Carer Burden Inventory)
   - 12 questions on carer burden
Mastery (Lawton caregiver mastery scale)
   - 4 items on positive experiences of caring