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Table 1 Group sizes and characteristics of organizations

From: "Good idea but not feasible" – the views of decision makers and stakeholders towards strategies for better palliative care in Germany: a representative survey

ID Group group size
final group
(of all
  all groups 442 67% 301 100%  
A patient organizations 42 57% 24 8% umbrella organizations of self-help groups and senior citizens interest groups, federation of German consumer centres
B medical associations 100 78% 79 26% scientific medical societies, associations of statutory health insurance physicians on federal and national level
C nursing organizations 22 77% 17 6% umbrella organizations of nursing care, federal working commitee of nursing
D health insurance funds 82 63% 55 18% associations of health insurance funds on federal and national level, umbrella organizations of health insurance funds
E political institutions 45 49% 24 8% state and federal ministries of health, health-care policy spokespeople of the different political parties
F specialized palliative care 54 65% 39 13% associations and umbrella organizations of palliative and hospice care on federal and national level
G others* 97 72% 63 21% charity and clerical institutions, associations for physiotherapy, federal joint committee
  1. * not included in the comparison of the groups because of the strong heterogeneity