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Table 5 GPs and Nurses views of strategies which may improve after hours PC service using percentage frequencies

From: GP and nurses' perceptions of how after hours care for people receiving palliative care at home could be improved: a mixed methods study

Strategies that may improve after hours PC GPs Nurses
Standardised written protocol 86% 87%
Individual patient protocol 91% 88%
Formal protocol between PC service & indigenous Australians 63% 87%
Regular multidisciplinary meetings 70% 92%
Referral to PC service at time of diagnosis 69% 63%
More nurses for home visits 82% 81%
PC trained nurse on after hours tel. service 86% 92%
PC trained respite carers 90% 94%
More support and debriefing for GPs/nurses 76% 87%
More support for carers 58% 96%
More specific PC beds in local hospitals 54% 23%
Greater access to equipment for home care 83% 83%
Legislation to allow nurse evaluation of death 58% 87%