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Table 1 Sample of experts in paediatric palliative care and related work fields (n = 24)

From: Barriers and needs in paediatric palliative home care in Germany: a qualitative interview study with professional experts

Interview partner
Funeral undertaker 1
Head funeral undertaker (m) 1
Outpatient children's hospice service 1 4
Coordinator outpatient children's hospice service (f) 3
Board member (f) of the association of outpatient children's hospice services (Deutscher Kinderhospizverein e.V.) 1
Outpatient paediatric palliative care service 2 2
Head paediatric palliative care team (physician, f) 1
Head paediatric palliative care network (social worker, f) 1
Self-help organisation 3
Chairperson (m) of the association for bereaved parents (Verwaiste Eltern e.V.) 1
Chairperson (f) of an initiative for psychosocial support for migrant families of a child with a life-limiting disease 1
Head (m) coordination "help for self-help" of a self-help organisation for people suffering from cystic fibrosis 1
Mobile paediatric nursing team 2
Head mobile paediatric nursing team (f) 2
Paediatrician in his own practice 5
Paediatrician (m) in his own practice 3
Paediatrician (f) in her own practice 1
Chairperson (m) of the regional professional association of paediatricians 1
Inpatient clinical care 3
Head of paediatric inpatient oncological department (m) 2
Senior physician inpatient intensive care unit (f) 1
Outpatient clinical care 1
Head social-paediatric centre3 1
Psychosocial/spiritual care 3
Hospital chaplain (f) 1
Psychosocial service of inpatient oncological department (social worker, f) 1
Psychosocial service of inpatient oncological department (psychologist, f) 1
  1. 1Outpatient children's hospice service (ambulanter Kinderhospizdienst) is a volunteer service for psychosocial support of the families and does not provide medical or nursing care
  2. 2Outpatient paediatric palliative care service (Kinderpalliativteam) consists of physicians, nurses and psychosocial staff
  3. 3Social-paediatric centres (Sozialpädiatrisches Zentrum, SPZ) are interdisciplinary outpatient services for the support of children with (suspicion of) developmental disturbances