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Table 2 Specific challenges and demands of paediatric palliative care

From: Barriers and needs in paediatric palliative home care in Germany: a qualitative interview study with professional experts

Time demand High time demand for paediatric palliative care (in comparison to adult palliative care) due to involvement of the whole family system and longer illness trajectories
Basic conditions of care Small caseload in paediatric palliative care and a heterogeneous range of conditions bear practical and economical challenges for extensive specialist infrastructure
Challenges for staff Work in paediatric palliative home care as a "tightrope walk" due to the traumatising impact of the dying of a child and the involvement of the whole family system
Qualification Requirement of specialist qualification in the field of paediatric hospice and palliative care, as well as supervision and staff support
Locations of care Advantages of home care ("normality" and intimacy within familiar environment) vs. advantages of inpatient care (safety, relief of medical and nursing responsibility)