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Table 2 Overview of the main interview topics

From: ‘From activating towards caring’: shifts in care approaches at the end of life of people with intellectual disabilities; a qualitative study of the perspectives of relatives, care-staff and physicians

Opening question What made the strongest impression on the interviewee during the period of end-of-life care?
Topic 1 Marking the start of palliative phase, communication about the diagnosis
Topic 2 Primary care process (e.g. pain, other physical symptoms, physical care, psychosocial well-being and spiritual well-being)
Topic 3 Decisions at the end of life
Topic 4 Communication with the person with ID
Topic 5 Autonomy of the person with ID
Topic 6 Transitions (e.g. changes in place of care or caregivers)
Topic 7 Communication and cooperation with relatives
Topic 8 Care for relatives (e.g. dealing with loss)
Topic 9 Fellow residents
Topic 10 The funeral
Topic 11 Aftercare
Topic 12 Care for carers (e.g. dealing with loss)