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Table 5 Top ten priorities by category

From: Priorities for global research into children’s palliative care: results of an International Delphi Study

Research priorities Broad research category
1 Children's understanding of death and dying Psychological issues
2 Managing pain in children where there is no morphine (Strong opioids) Clinical care
3 Funding for and the cost of CPC Policies and Procedures
4 Training needs for CPC Education
5 Assessment of the WHO two-step analgesic ladder for pain management in children Clinical care
5 Pain management for non-cancer children with chronic life-threatening illness Clinical care
6 Interventions and models of care for CPC Interventions and models of care
6 Measuring outcomes of care Interventions and models of care
7 Integration of CPC into core health curriculum Education
8 Use of opioids in children Clinical care
8 The global need for CPC Other
9 Ethical issues in CPC Legislation and ethics
10 Children's rights and palliative care Legislation and ethics