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Table 1 Components of the Care Pathway for Primary Palliative Care

From: Implementation of a Care Pathway for Primary Palliative Care in 5 research clusters in Belgium: quasi-experimental study protocol and innovations in data collection (pro-SPINOZA)

1. Early identification of patients eligible for palliative care, using the Surprise Question [21] and/or the Supportive and Palliative Care Indicator Tool (SPICT) [28]
2. Early assessment of patient’s needs and wishes
a. Assessment of performance status, using the Palliative Performance Scale (PPSv2) [22, 23]
b. Assessment of the patient’s needs in the biological, psychological, social and existential aspects of his or her life
c. Advance care planning
3. Interdisciplinary discussion
4. Action: delivering palliative care
5. Registration in a ‘palliative care pathway’ file, common for all team members
6. Follow-up by the team, recognizing the different stages in the palliative continuum: the ‘early palliative’ stage (the patient cannot be cured anymore), the ‘transitional’ stage (the last months) and at last the ‘dying’ stage (the last few days)