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Table 2 Implementation scenario per region

From: Implementation of a Care Pathway for Primary Palliative Care in 5 research clusters in Belgium: quasi-experimental study protocol and innovations in data collection (pro-SPINOZA)

1. Finding a palliative care network willing to participate
2. Asking the GP circles within the territory of the palliative care network to promote this project to their member GPs
3. Organizing a ‘kick-off’ workshop and other educational sessions to motivate individual GPs to participate in this project, explaining the CPPPC and training the GPs to obtain an informed consent of palliative care patients
4. Organizing an inter-professional platform where representatives of both the palliative care network and the GP-circles meet every six months to evaluate the regional implementation strategy
5. Inviting representatives of the inter-professional platform of the region to an interregional platform every year, to enable them to learn from the experiences of the other regions