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Table 2 Strategies mentioned by the participants of both nominal group sessions (themes and categories)

From: Strategies to implement evidence into practice to improve palliative care: recommendations of a nominal group approach with expert opinion leaders

Dissemination of the results
• Presentations at conferences
• Publications (e.g. in scientific peer-reviewed journals, in professional journals, via policy channels but also (international) professional organisations, newspapers)
• Social media (e.g. websites, YouTube, Twitter)
Unique selling points
• Sales pitch (focus on facilitating factors/preconditions/user friendliness/visibility)
• The impact of using unique selling point/strategy/sales pitch
Educational activities
• Integration of training activities into daily scheme
• User friendly format (e.g. e-learning modules, mass learning via YouTube, downloadable slides)
• Train the trainer
Participation of stakeholders
• Expert organisations (e.g. those responsible for implementation)
• Patients, relatives, professionals and policy makers
• Healthcare insurers and funders
•Early adopters: staff in pilot services
Consideration of consequences
• Rewards (e.g. financial, certificates)
• Negative consequences (e.g. no accreditation)