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Table 3 Recommendations based on the strategies to facilitate implementation

From: Strategies to implement evidence into practice to improve palliative care: recommendations of a nominal group approach with expert opinion leaders

• Publish results regarding the implementation of quality improvement activities tailored to its audience (e.g. patients, professionals caregivers, policy makers and researchers)
• Identify and disseminate unique selling points to implement quality improvement activities
• Develop e-learning tools (e.g. via YouTube)
• Integrate scientific evidence into the core curricula (of practitioner disciplines)
• Stimulate the active participation of important stakeholders to engage and initiate quality improvement activities (e.g. professional (scientific) organisations)
• Reward services that successfully implemented quality improvement activities (e.g. financial incentive)
• Restrict services that provide suboptimal palliative care and do not implement quality improvement activities (e.g. no accreditation)