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Table 2 Demographics of participants (N = 30 healthcare workers) who gave interviews.

From: Interviews with Irish healthcare workers from different disciplines about palliative care for people with Parkinson’s disease: a definite role but uncertainty around terminology and timing

Sex n
 Male 4
 Female 26
 Acute Hospital 17
 Day Hospital 7
 Long term care 4
 Community 1
 Hospice 1
 Staff nurse 6
 Clinical Nurse Manager 5
 Consultant Geriatrician 3
 Consultant Neurologist 3
 Clinical Nurse Specialist palliative care 2
 Senior Physiotherapist Care of Elderly 2
 Consultant Palliative Medicine 1
 Consultant Physician 1
 Registrar (Neurology ward) 1
 Clinical Nurse Specialist neurology 1
 Clinical Nurse Specialist elderly care 1
 Advanced Nurse Practitioner Rehab Older Adult 1
 Senior Speech and Language Therapist 1
 Senior Occupational Therapist 1
 Practice Development Facilitator 1
  1. Notes: The average time in their current position was eight years (range 0.5 to 15 years). Participants reported seeing an average of 16 people with PD per month (average range 1 to 100)