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Table 6 Characteristics of included pathways

From: Towards integration of palliative care in patients with chronic heart failure and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: a systematic literature review of European guidelines and pathways

Title/Country/Year Disease Setting Integrated Palliative Care Criteria (IPC) Quality of Evidence
Consensus on Integrated Care for Disease Exacerbations of COPD. (ATINA-EPOC)/Spain/2012 [39]. COPD - 8 IPC: Discussion of illness limitations and prognosis, Holistic assessments, Timing of holistic assessments, Timing of PC introduction, Patient’s goals, Continuous goal adjustment, Suffering reduction, ACP*. Low
End of life care in heart failure: A framework for implementation/ UK/ 2010 [40]. Heart Failure inpatient/outpatient 7 IPC: Holistic assessments, Patient’s goals, Suffering reduction, ACP, Involvement of PC team, Last hours of living care, Grief and bereavement care. Low
  1. the included pathways are described in different categories: title, country and year, type of disease, setting, Integrated Palliative Care (ICP) criteria and quality of evidence. ACP= Advance Care Planning, EoL=End-of-Life, COPD= Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder.