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Table 1 Indicators to assess strengthening of palliative care pharmaceutical application

From: Strengthening pharmaceutical systems for palliative care services in resource limited settings: piloting a mHealth application across a rural and urban setting in Uganda

Metric Outcome Measure
Completeness of data capture Entry of data for key patient variables Proportion of patient entries to application with sociodemographic data, diagnosis, complaints, symptoms and contact details
Patient prescription recording Documentation of prescriptions to accompany patient records
Time efficiency Patient medical record retrieval Time elapsed from patient arrival at the information or triage centre to when a patient file is located and referred to the next level to start the care process
Time spent on ordering stock Time required to take stock, calculate consumption rates and then determine quantities to order
Time spent on preparing pharmacy reports Time spent on establishing stock arrival and dispensing, the value of existing stock and variances between physical stock count and stock card value
Medicines stock and waste management Frequency of stock outs for opioids Frequency of emergency orders logged on application
Percentage of whole stock value that expired per quarter Proportion of stock that expired within a quarter from total stock