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Table 2 Palliative care textbooks and manual available to course participants

From: A qualitative evaluation of the impact of a palliative care course on preregistration nursing students’ practice in Cameroon

• Becker, R. (2010) Fundamental Aspects of Palliative Care Nursing. 2nd ed. Cromwell Press: Trowbridge
• Kinghorn, S. and Gaines, S. (2007) Palliative Care Nursing: Improving End of life Care. Churchill Livingstone: Edinburg.
• Payne, S. Seymour, J. and Ingleton, C. (2008) Palliative care nursing: principles and evidence for practice. 2nd ed. McGraw-Hill: Open University Press.
• Mari Lloyd-Williams (2008) Psychosocial Issues in Palliative care. 2nd edn. New York: Oxford University Press,
• Qneschuk, Hagen and McDonalds (2012) Palliative Medicine: A case based manual. 3rd edn. Oxford: Oxford University Press
• Wittenberg, Goldsmith, Ferrell and Ragan (2013) Communication in Palliative Nursing
• Goldman, Hain and Liben (2012) Oxford textbook for palliative Care for children. Oxford: Oxford University Press
• Renzenbrik (2011) Caregiver stress and staff support in illness and bereavement. New York: Oxford University Press
• McSherry (2008) Making sense of Spirituality in nursing and healthcare practice
• Regnoid D and Regnard (2011) A guide to symptom relieve in palliative care 2nd edn. Oxford: Radcliffe Publishing
• Vadivelu, Urman and Hines (2011) Essentials of pain management. Springer.
• Knapp, Madden and Fouler-Kery (2012) Pediatric palliative Care: the global perspective. Springer.
• Peter Hudson and Shiela Payne (2009) Family Carers in Palliative care
• Manroe and Payne (2011) Death, Dying and social differences. 2nd Edn. New York: Oxford University Press.