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Table 3 Focus Group and Individual Interview guide

From: A qualitative evaluation of the impact of a palliative care course on preregistration nursing students’ practice in Cameroon

Focus Group Guide
• Before participating in this course what did you know about palliative care?
• What where your expectations when you registered for the course?
• How did your experience of this course compare with your expectations?
• Is there anything else you would have loved to learn from this course?
• How did your participation in this course benefit you?
• How did you use your learning from this course in practice during placement?
• What do you think have been influential in enhancing your learning in this course
• What did not quite work well during the course?
• How do you think your experience of this course could be improved?
Critical Incident Individual Interview Guide
• Can you describe the events or circumstances that led to this incident?
• Can you describe the role you played in this incident?
• Can you describe others who were involved in the incident and the role they played?
• What was the patient outcome?
• What do you think facilitated the care you provided in this incident?
• What barrier (s) prevented you from providing palliative care in this incident?
• What did you find most challenging in providing care to patients who require palliative care.