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Table 2 Guiding principles and foundational recommendations in the business plan for the Champlain Hospice Palliative Care Program

From: Implementing the first regional hospice palliative care program in Ontario: the Champlain region as a case study

Guiding Principles and Elements
 • A common region-wide vision and mission
 • A single common governance body that still allows for independence of the various service providers
 • An adequately resourced program and system
 • Evidence-guided care and diffusion of best practices through education and knowledge transfer
 • An accountability system of reporting and system-wide (macro) and institutional (micro) performance indicators
 • The establishment of standards for the region
 • Improve the capacity of primary care to provide primary-level palliative care (palliative care approach), with adequate resources to provide support to primary care clinicians
 • Ongoing role for the local End-of-Life Networks to enhance the role of the Regional Program
Foundational Recommendationsa
 • Establish a Regional Hospice Palliative Care (HPC) Program
 • Establish a Program Council of Directors (later renamed “Board of Directors”) to oversee the Program, supported by an executive office
 • Establish formal agreements between the Regional HPC Program and the LHIN, and between the LHIN and service providers to:
   o Support the objectives of the program
   o Report on key performance indicators
  1. aThere were also several supporting recommendations covering various priority areas