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Table 4 Activities patients and family members suggested they might undertake if computers were at the bedside

From: Keep in touch (KIT): perspectives on introducing internet-based communication and information technologies in palliative care

Patients Family members
• Entertainment such as playing games, movies, music, “looking at interesting things I find on the web”
• Accessing information, medical or to satisfy curiosity
• Contacting people via e-mail or “Skype visits”; “having e-mail messages read to her”
• Looking at family photos
• “He might have sent messages to the kids”
• Communication; e-mail
• Entertainment such as playing games or other amusement such as taking part in surveys, looking for sales or store coupons, or “I looked up results for the Barrett Jackson Automobile auction.”
• Keeping up with the latest news
• Conducting personal business such as booking airline tickets, retrieving boarding passes, or on-line banking; allowing people to “follow up on stuff right away rather than wait to get home”