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Table 2 Themes and subthemes

From: Strength in numbers: patient experiences of group exercise within hospice palliative care

Themes Sub themes Codes
Perception of hospice Initial perceptions of hospice Hospice as a place where people die
Subsequent perception of hospice Loss of anxiety about ‘hospice’ once attending regularly
Supportive relationships Relationships with other patients, Comparing self with other patients
Competition with other patients
Sadness at deterioration/death of others/own mortality
Receive a ‘boost’
‘Boring’ if on own
Being with others in similar position
Sharing experiences/information
Relationships with staff Support/guidance of staff
Being ‘pushed’/encouraged by staff
Permission ‘not to have to do’/protected
Taking part in classes Physical effect Ability to do things, maintaining current level, not returning to previous disability
Back to previous self/ doing things used to do before illness
Wanting to improve strength/fitness
Exercises at home
Tiredness, aches
Working to own level/exercises adapted /progressed gradually/ No. in group and time on equipment
Physical/ psychosocial effect Therapeutic
Psychosocial and emotional effect ‘Day out’
Improved mood/given a boost
Increased confidence/Self esteem/self worth
Opportunity to reflect
Expectations Response to suggestion of class participation
Expectations/not knowing what to expect in classes