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Table 2 Purposive sampling frame. Numbers in brackets indicate number recruited in each category

From: Clinical decision making in the recognition of dying: a qualitative interview study

  Oncology Cardiology
Doctors Nurses Doctors Nurses
Senior Consultant (2) Ward sister/Matron (2) Consultant (1) Ward sister/Matron (2)
Intermediate ST3+ (2) Staff nurse (2) ST3+ (2) Staff nurse (2)
“Junior” FY1/2 (2) HCA (1) FY1/2 (0) HCA (1)
  1. Notes on UK grades and abbreviations: Consultant: Most senior grade of doctor; equivalent to attending physician. ST: Specialty trainee; a doctor training to become a consultant in a specialty. FY: Foundation Year; a doctor typically 1–2 years post qualification. Sister/Matron: Most senior grades of nurse. Staff nurse: Qualified nurse with degree-level training. HCA: Health Care Assistant; nurse trained through experience; also termed auxiliary nurse and nursing assistant