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Table 1 Undergraduate curricula of palliative medicine in the University of Tampere

From: Undergraduate curriculum in palliative medicine at Tampere University increases students’ knowledge

Year Title (Section in the EAPC syllabus) Specialty Teaching method Hours
1 Introduction to medical ethics (E) Medical ethics Interactive seminar 3
2 Physiology and pharmacology of pain (S) Pharmacology Lecture 1
  Communication skills (C) General medicine Lecture, Workshop 4.5
  The end-of-life (B) Geriatrics Lecture 1.5
3 Basics of palliative care (B) Palliative medicine Lecture 0.5
  End-of-life care (B) Palliative medicine Interactive seminar, Patient contacts 1.5
  Basics of cancer pain management (B) Palliative medicine Lecture 0.75
  Euthanasia (E)a Palliative medicine Interactive seminar 3
  Communication skills (C) General medicine Role play, Workshop 3
4 Facing the family of dying patient (C) General medicine Workshop 2
  Ethics in decision making (E) Anesthesiology Lecture 0.75
  Fatigue in cancer patient (S) Palliative medicine Lecture 0.75
  Chronic pain (S) Neurology Lecture 0.75
  Pain and analgesics (S) Pharmacology Lecture 1.5
  Pain (S) Pharmacology Interactive seminar 1.5
5-6 Symptom management in palliative care (S) Palliative medicine Interactive seminar, Patient contacts 10
  Social security in cancer patients (P) Oncology Lecture 0.75
  Psychological crisis in cancer (P) Oncology Lecture 0.75
  End-of-life care in elderly (S) Geriatrics Lecture, Patient contacts 3.5
  Constitution of a human (P) Geriatrics Lecture 1.5
  Pain (S) Anesthesiology Workshop 1.5
  Neuropathic pain (S) Neurology Interactive seminar 1.5
  Palliative medicine (S) Palliative medicine Interactive seminar 5
  Alternative medicine (S) Palliative medicine Interactive seminar 3
  1. B: Basics of Palliative Care; S: Pain and symptom management; P: Psychosocial and spiritual aspects; E: Ethical and legal issues; C: Communication. aTeaching session removed from the curriculum in 2014