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Table 5 Results of the needs assessment, palliative care outcome, and satisfaction with care in family caregivers (N = 51)

From: Quality of life, psychological burden, needs, and satisfaction during specialized inpatient palliative care in family caregivers of advanced cancer patients

  Mean SD
Supportive Needs (FIN)
 Number of needs with high importance 16.3 3.3
 Number of needs met*) 13.7 5.2
Palliative care outcome – sum score (POS) 16.6 5.0
Satisfaction with care (FAMCARE-2)
 FAMCARE-2 total score 73.4 8.4
 Physical symptoms and comfort 22.4 2.6
 Information 16.5 2.2
 Family support 17.0 2.4
 Patient psychological care 17.5 2.6
  1. Abbreviations: SD standard deviation
  2. *)based on all needs rated to be at least “somewhat important”