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Table 3 Examples of nurse navigator interventions

From: Nurse-led navigation to provide early palliative care in rural areas: a pilot study

Domain of supporta Examples of interventions
Disease management Teaching about disease treatment, trajectories, medication and side effect management. Coaching regarding communicating with healthcare providers and healthcare utilization. Accessing disease management resources in the community, at tertiary treatment centres, and online. Discussing decisions regarding treatment choices.
Spiritual Conversations about fear of dying, spiritual guidance, negative religious coping, afterlife, suffering, involvement in church. Referrals to community chaplain. Life reminiscing and dignity therapy.
Physical Teaching and assistance with managing common symptoms such as fatigue, pain, mobility limitations, skin irritation, shortness of breath, and bowel and bladder problems. Referrals to healthcare services. Falls prevention strategies.
Practical Obtaining equipment from Red Cross Loan Cupboard. Mobilizing assistance for transportation, meals, housekeeping, and assistance with ADLs.
Psychological Support for concerns such as anxiety, depression, stress, and grief. Practical interventions to attenuate psychological concerns (e.g., stress management strategies and art therapy). Referrals to family physician or mental health services.
EOL Advance care planning including funeral arrangements, planning regarding place of death, representation agreements, palliative benefits, wills. Dignity therapy. Teaching on what to expect at end of life. Support during last days at home.
Social Negotiating family challenges. Facilitating connections to supportive networks. Strategies to cope with social isolation. Providing resources when commuting outside of rural area for care.
Loss and Grief Supporting through anticipatory grief and into the bereavement period. Practical strategies to cope with multiple losses. Attended funerals.
  1. aDomains were developed based upon A Model to Guide Hospice Care by the Canadian Hospice Palliative Care Association