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Table 4 Benevolence additional supporting quotes

From: Ward social workers’ views of what facilitates or hinders collaboration with specialist palliative care team social workers: A grounded theory

“She’ll come up that same day and meet with the patient and the family and contact family wherever they are.” – P3
“I’ll call her sometimes with a scenario, or if she’s met a family, I’ll run something by her… so she’s been really available in that way, so that’s ideal for me too, as a resource.” – P10
“As long as there’s a proactive [approach] in terms of everybody kind of being on the same page for the care of the patient, yes it’s good for the care of the patient, and continuation of care and yada yada, but it also just makes it easier for everybody.” – P4
“Getting to know that social worker [having a relationship helps with collaboration]” – P10
“The palliative care social worker is my frontline person since we have the same kind of job … we’ve created this relationship … that has given us some mutual understanding of how we work together.” - P2
“The social worker, she mainly stays down in the ICU. So I do not see her much.” - P3
“Just having more... a little bit more engagement about what her thought process was, I think, that that would’ve been very helpful, had I gotten more from her.” – P14
“Understanding what your role is in the case, understanding what [her] role is in the case and being very clear about that.” – P2