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Table 4 Principles of care of the Oxleas Advanced Dementia Service

From: Better palliative care for people with a dementia: summary of interdisciplinary workshop highlighting current gaps and recommendations for future research

A core belief of the Oxleas Advanced Dementia Service is that anyone cared for at home with advanced dementia deserves care co-ordination and on-going support. The service combines mental and physical health expertise, to look competently after patients with advanced dementia living at home and to:
• Comprehensively assess and plan ahead;
• Co-ordinate care;
• Respond quickly when needs are changing;
• Establish a palliative care framework with a focus on maximising quality-of-life, helping to avoid or shorten unnecessary and traumatic hospital admissions, treatments and investigations, and replace them with home care whenever possible;
• Offer excellent care towards the end-of-life;
• Relieve the carer from having to navigate alone within a complex care system while grieving.