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Table 4 Stepwise regression analysis of images of God and patient characteristics with SWB scales

From: Images of God and attitudes towards death in relation to spiritual wellbeing: an exploratory side study of the EORTC QLQ-SWB32 validation study in palliative cancer patients

Dependent variable (SWB questionnaire) model Independent variables (Images of God, attitudes towards death, patient characteristics) Standardized coefficients Beta Sig. R R2 Adjusted R2
Existential 1 Unknowable God -,391 ,008 ,391 ,153 ,133
2 Unknowable God -,330 ,022 ,484 ,234 ,197
WHO score -,291 ,041
Relation to Self 1 Unknowable God -,578 ,000 ,578 ,334 ,319
Relation to Others 1 Education ,322 ,024 ,322 ,104 ,084
  1. Stepwise linear regression was performed on only three SWB scales: EX, RS and RO, see methods. Per SWB scale all significant models are shown with the independent variables which were entered successively