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Table 1 Tweet inclusion and exclusion criteria

From: #Deathbedlive: the end-of-life trajectory, reflected in a cancer patient’s tweets

Inclusion criteria:

• Tweets posted by @GrangerKate’s Twitter account

• Original tweets, annotated re-tweets and personal responses posted between 0:00:00 (UTC) 1 January 2016 and 23:59:59 (UTC) 25 July 2016

• Tweets that were considered directly relevant to the terminal condition

Exclusion criteria:

• Tweets posted on other Twitter accounts

• Simple re-tweets of other people’s postings (with no further annotation)

• Tweets posted outside the timeframe indicated

• Tweets that were considered not directly relevant to the condition, such as those associated with the “#hellomynameis” campaign, Kate Granger’s fundraising activities, her views on the NHS and politics as well as news media

• Images or URLs embedded within tweets