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Table 4 Number of tweets per modifiable dimension

From: #Deathbedlive: the end-of-life trajectory, reflected in a cancer patient’s tweets

Modifiable dimension of patient experience Number of tweets Examples of tweets
Physical symptoms 270 “I am having a temporary nephrostomy this morning... With a view to then getting the radiotherapy done then performing a stent exchange” – 15 June 2016
Psychological and cognitive symptoms 213 “I’m not sure I can do this.” – 3 April 2016
Social relationships and support 85 “Everybody being so lovely both in public & behind the scenes on Twitter. Thank you so much. Love our virtual family very much” – 8 May 2016
Economic demands and care giving needs 85 “After seeing my lovely palliative care nurse this a.m. we’ve decided hospice admission for symptom control best course of action.” – 8 July 2016
Hopes and expectations 51 “Perhaps I should just accept #deathbedlive is closer than I hoped it was & get my final preparations finished.” - 29 March 2016
Spiritual and existential beliefs 7 “A comfortable night, just one would be so appreciated if anyone is listening. Running on empty and a nonstop few days coming up.” – 3 March 2016