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Table 2 Timeline and content of the focus groups

From: Systematic development and adjustment of the German version of the Supportive and Palliative Care Indicators Tool (SPICT-DE)

Step Action / Assessment Time
I Initiation
• Introduction of participants and research facilitators (KA, GMM)
• Introduction of the project’s objectives/aims and ensuring a common understanding of the term “palliative care” (short presentation)
• Explanation of intended procedures and clarification of questions
• Informed consent to participate voluntarily and to documentation of the results of the group discussion
20 min.
II Subjective indicators
• Participants were asked to write down anonymously main criteria and indicators for the identification of potential PC needs on concept cards according to their subjective appraisal
10 min.
III Assessment without SPICT-DE (“usual practice”)
• Introduction of case vignettes and explanation of case procession
• Rating of the case vignettes by the participants
20 min.
IV Assessment with SPICT-DE
• Introduction of SPICT-DE and its assessment according to the SPICT guidelines (
• Rating of the case vignettes by participants using SPICT-DE
• Questionnaires: perception of SPICT-DE, sociodemographic data
• Return of all documents anonymously in a sealed envelope
• Review and clustering of concept cards by the moderators for the following group discussion simultaneously to case processing
20 min.
V Group discussion
• Participants’ feedback on the case vignettes and case processing
• Participants’ feedback on impression and handling of SPICT-DE
• Discussion of indicators of SPICT-DE by referring to concept cards
• Final discussion of the practicability and potential benefits of SPICT-DE in the daily practice routine
40 min.
VI Conclusion and outlook 5 min.