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Table 6 Use of SPICT-DE in daily practice routine (Focus group B)

From: Systematic development and adjustment of the German version of the Supportive and Palliative Care Indicators Tool (SPICT-DE)

Code Use of SPICT-DEa Explanation
QZB 01 Yes “Important indicators, which might support the decision-making, especially when added together”
QZB 02 Yes “Supports structured medical history”
QZB 03 Yes “It increased the awareness for advance care planning”
QZB 04 No “For me, the expression “Tool” is misleading; it is simply a list of indicators. I have already used some of these indicators, whatever remains is the gut feeling”
QZB 05 Yes “So far, decision-making was based on my intuition – a decision-making based on objective criteria is a reasonable supplement”
QZB 06 Yes “It increases the awareness”
QZB 07 Yes “Reasonable decision aid, especially for case conferences”
QZB 08 Yes “A helpful tool, especially for ambiguous cases”
QZB 09 Yes “It is helpful in cases of uncertainty”
QZB 10 Yes “Supports the decision-making and seeing the big picture”
QZB 11 Yes
QZB 12 Yes
QZB 13 Undecided “I don’t know yet, seems to be complex in parts”
  1. aQuestion: “Could you imagine using SPICT-DE in your daily practice routine? Please justify your answer”