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Table 4 Lack of role clarity

From: Palliative care specialists’ perceptions concerning referral of haematology patients to their services: findings from a qualitative study

Understanding of role(s) and relationship building

‘it’s understanding one another’s roles, it’s working together. When you don’t get an opportunity to work together often, you don’t build trust and understanding’ (SPC nurse 1)

Limited opportunities for haematologists and community palliative care staff to build relationships

‘it’s not a face-to-face relationship [with haematologists] by us being removed in the hospice and in the community’ (SPC doctor 6)

Dichotomised thinking: either active treatment or palliative care

‘I think in people’s minds still there is that dichotomy that you’re either having active treatment or you’re having palliative treatment’ (SPC doctor 6)

Negative patient perceptions of hospice services

‘“Gosh, the Macmillan nurse is here, that means I’m going to die…”’ (SPC nurse 14)