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Table 9 Timely discussions with patients and early SPC referral

From: Palliative care specialists’ perceptions concerning referral of haematology patients to their services: findings from a qualitative study

Early initiation of honest, frank conversations
‘I think it’s about being honest with the patient… where they are with the disease… what treatment, management or supportive options are available to them, a little bit earlier’ (SPC nurse 5)
Benefits of early SPC referral
‘in the UK… there is this overlap… and the diagram of the model of care really has palliative care involved almost from the outset… of an ultimately untreatable condition, and increasingly involved towards the end. And certainly.. I think that is something that needs to be adopted, because there is nothing about the active management of a malignant disease that stops palliative care teams getting involved’ (SPC doctor 4)