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Table 1 The Family Talk Intervention: the focus at each meeting and the family members involved

From: The family talk intervention in palliative care: a study protocol

Meeting 1–6 Involved family members Focus at the meeting
Meeting 1 Parents The ill parent’s history.
To set up the family’s goals for the intervention.
Meeting 2 Parents The well parent’s history.
Meeting 3 Each child (preferably without the parents) The child’s understanding of the illness and the situation, worries and questions
Meeting 4 Parents Summary about worries and questions from meeting 3.
Planning the family talk (meeting 5).
Meeting 5 Parents and children “The family talk”. Preferably led by the parents and consisting of questions from both children and parents.
Meeting 6 Parents and sometimes children Follow-up with focus on how to communicate within the family in the future to reach the family’s goals.