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Table 1 Intervention protocol at each study site

From: Partnering with families to promote nutrition in cancer care: feasibility and acceptability of the PIcNIC intervention

Intervention details Australia Hong Kong
Delivered to: Patient (and family member separately, if available) Patient/family together
Delivered at: Oncology ward Patient’s home
Delivered by: Dietitian Dietitian
Intervention duration 5 to 7 days 4 weeks
Intervention components:
 Initial session (in person) Brief nutrition history of the patient provided by patient/ family
Short, focused nutrition education/counselling session supplemented with a printed nutritional booklet
Introduction of a daily food record (AUS & HK version) to be completed by the patient/family
Negotiating nutritional goals
 Follow up sessions Reinforcement of nutrition education provided to patients and families prior to hospital discharge via face-to-face consultation Reinforcement of nutrition counselling and adjustment of nutritional goals via telephone calls (at end of weeks 2 and 4 of intervention)
Provision of a post-discharge nutrition plan
Handover to outpatient dietitian upon hospital discharge for follow up (if required)