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Table 2 Clinical and administrative health data sources (Queensland Health) and corresponding information retrieved

From: Health service utilisation during the last year of life: a prospective, longitudinal study of the pathways of patients with chronic kidney disease stages 3-5

Data Source (Administering department) Information Collected
Emergency Department Information System (EDIS) Emergency department presentations: presentation date and timing, hospital location, demographic details, mode of arrival (e.g., ambulance), triage categorya, reason for presentation and departure status
Hospital Based Corporate Information System (HBCIS) Inpatient admissions: admission date, hospital location, demographic details, care type, admission status, reason for admission (AR-DRG), length of stay, discharge date and destination
Medical recordsb Health history (including comorbidities), diagnostic and treatment details, demographic details, health service referrals and use, and other relevant details
  1. AR-DRG Australian Refined-Diagnostic Related Group [30]
  2. aTriage categories: 1: immediately life-threatening; 2: imminently life-threatening; 3: potentially life-threatening; 4: potentially serious; 5: less urgent [31]
  3. bHard copy or electronic