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Table 1 Variables for aggregated quantitative data and open-ended questions included in the annual activity reports of the paediatric liaison teams

From: Building Bridges, Paediatric Palliative Care in Belgium: A secondary data analysis of annual paediatric liaison team reports from 2010 to 2014

Age range classification 0–1 Y, > 1–10 Y, 11–20 Y, >  20 Y
Disease classification Haematology/Oncology
Congenital abnormalities
Others (Neonatology, Transplantation)
Origin of referral
Classification of patients
Number of patients
Origin of referral for new patients (same hospital/other hospital)
Curative/palliative/end-of-life patients
Total patients followed-up per year
Death Place of death (home, hospital, other)
Total number of deaths
Duration of follow-up
Frequencies of admission in hospital
Mean average duration of admission
Number of contacts with families post-death
Objectives and needs What objectives did you have? Which objectives did you achieve?
Which objectives did you partially achieve? Why?
What are your needs? Which objective(s) did you not achieve? Why?
What are your objectives for next year?
Did your team change during this year?
Strengths and weaknesses What are the strengths of your team?
What are the weaknesses of your team?
Needs assessment What are the requests of the target group?
What are the requests of the PLT?
What are the requests of services/institutions/hospitals?