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Table 2 Professionals recommendations to improve the assessment of QoL

From: How do professionals assess the quality of life of children with advanced cancer receiving palliative care, and what are their recommendations for improvement?

Recommendations Sub-themes
Promote communication among members of the health care team Hold multidisciplinary meetings
Communicate beyond the notes on file
Collect the opinions of a meaningful professional
Involve the palliative care team
Focus the assessment on the child’s needs, the family, and involve them in the assessment process Be attentive to the needs and desires of the family
Involve them in the assessment process
Use of a formal tool to assess the QoL Use standardized tools in the assessment of the dimensions of QoL
Create a formal measure of QoL in PPC in oncology
Develop training that is specific to PPC in oncology Become familiar with the context of PPC in oncology through training