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Table 1 Overview of tools for shared decision making in metastatic breast cancer

From: The availability and effectiveness of tools supporting shared decision making in metastatic breast cancer care: a review

Name tool/short description Country Sourcea Specific for metastatic breast cancer Description of tool
CONNECT USA S No A communication aid that assesses patient preferences and values, and includes communication skills training, plus summary report to the physician.
Decision aid on first, second, third and fourth line chemotherapy USA S No State-of-the-art tables with information for patients with advanced breast, lung, colon, and hormone-refractory prostate cancers
Decision aid on first-line chemotherapy Australia and Canada E, S Yes A DA presenting options of supportive care, with or without chemotherapy. Potential benefits and side effects of different chemotherapy regimens, and evidence-based prognostic estimates are described, and a values clarification exercise is included.
Decision aid on second-line chemotherapy The Netherlands E, I, S Yes A DA describing the adverse events, response of the cancer and survival of supportive care with or without second-line palliative chemotherapy.
Decision aid ‘metastatic breast cancer’ The Netherlands I Yes A booklet presenting information on therapies and supportive treatment in metastatic breast cancer. It provides information on what characteristics define how metastatic breast cancer can be treated and shows other patients arguments for and against treatment.
Consultation guide The Netherlands E No A booklet with sample questions and an instrument for value clarification.
Living with Metastatic Breast Cancer: Making the Journey Your Own. USA S Yes A thirty-minute video/DVD and accompanying booklet depicting the experiences of 4 women living with metastatic breast cancer.
  1. Note. aSource: S systematic search, E experts, I internet search
  2. DA decision aid